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RobotiKSA club for kids – Learn how to build and program a robot –


RobotiKSA Mission Vision and Goals

RobotiKSA team members shared the interest of STEM (science, math,

engineering, and technology) education, and wondered deeply in the field, then

carried the responsibility to extend it to young generations in Saudi Arabia.

We aim to share our excitement about Coding and Robots Engineering with

children of the ages 7 to 10, and allow them to achieve mastery and demonstrate

competence in a hands- on- environments that help them shape their lives!

Why would schools implement robotics learning in classrooms?

We can list so many reasons why should all classrooms implement STEM and in

specific robotics and coding in their curriculum. Here are some of the major reasons:


 Robots are the future, or to be more reliable, they are taking over now! They

are in every house: toasters, washers, even calculators! They are not for fun

they are growing to be a necessity.

 Technology is a bigger issue as we take a look to the future. Oxford

university researchers have estimated that in the near decades robots will

replace lots of jobs in the world.

 Children of the world are being exposed to the robot and technology and

STEM education in general as it is the pathway to career opportunities in the


How RobotiKSA is going to enrich your students’ education


 Our workshops are centered on STEM based interactive education in a

hands- on- environment.

 We Introduce children to the world of Robots and technical design with all

the levels, types, and activities involved in this field.

 We help students to connect what they are studying in regular classes to


 We empower students with the 21 st century skills like: critical thinking

situations, problem solving, planning skills, decision making, and other skills,

and we coach them to work in teams.

 We provide no more than 3 students with a kit and a tablet to use during the


 We make competitions between classes then extend the completions to

schools, and maybe COUNTRIES using the same program.

The future is not just to use technology, but to develop it…

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