Welcome to Robotiksa club for kids

RobotiKSA club for kids – Learn how to build and program a robot –


RobotiKSA is a revolutionary robotic club that provides an inspirational learning environment for students  grade 2 to grade 6, where they learn Robotics and artificial intelligence.

RobotiKSA uses the famous on top of robot LEGO WEDO 2.0 to teach students science, technology, engineering and math curricula in a fun, engaging and hands-on way. To widen the youth’s view in the application of science and technology, improve their learning efficiency and encourage them to be future scientists, engineers and inventors. Students learn to design, program and control fully-functional models that carry out life-like automated tasks.





limited places

2 hours/day grade 2 – 3 – 4 – 6 Building – coding a robot in science environnement 500 SR /kid ( 5 days of 2 hours) max 10 students
4 sessions many projects – assessment – certificate beginner.

Program Duration: Four days

Workshop Duration: Each workshop for about 2 hours

Registration fee:  500 SR for the entire program per kid.

Kids by class : maximum 10.

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